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11/2014 SPS/ IPC/ Drives fair in Nuremberg

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09/2014 New managing director at Dunkermotoren

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05/2014 Linear Positioning Actuator- LPA08

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03/2014 Dunkermotoren goes for axial flux

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05/2012 AMETEK completes aquisition of Dunkermotoren

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04/2012 Intelligent Servo Motor Size Reduced 25% and Power Maintained

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04/2012 Dunkermotoren Establishes Its Own Sales Offices in France and India

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08/2011 Dunkermotoren acquires Copley Motion Systems

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04/2011 High current controller in combination with brushless DC motor for battery powered applications

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12/2010 Brushless DC servo motors now with integrated EtherCAT interface

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11/2010 Complete modular system for small DC servo motor

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04/2010 Well-proven BG series powerfully completed

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12/2009 Brushless DC-servo motors now with Profibus

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11/2009Dunkermotoren is acquired by a new partner

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10/2009 Strong type complements product family

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05/2009 High torques transmitted quietly

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03/2009 Double the output power - same size motor

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01/2009 Dunkermotoren fulfills the obligations of REACh

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12/2008 Frost & Sullivan confers Award to Dunkermotoren

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07/2008 More intelligence in DC servo motors for shorter cycle times

Implementing local drive networks with integrated master/slave function in DC drives

Electronics integrated in DC motors creates extensive advantages for decentralised drive technology in woodworking machines. A master drive controls and monitors a number of slave drives in a local network and therefore considerably relieves the higher-level PLC. The result - shorter cycle times, higher productivity, lower installation costs for the machine and less programming effort for the higher-level PLC.

In the woodworking industry the financial pressure on companies is always in the centre of attention, particularly here in this country. That's why they demand maximum productivity, minimum cycle times and low investment costs through affordable machines. Machine manufacturers can only respond to these demands with sophisticated automation. They are supported in this by the automation equipment manufacturers, like Bonndorf-based Dunkermotoren. The specialist for drive technology based on brushless DC servo motors has now introduced a broad spectrum of DC drives with integrated electronics in its extensive modular system. These compact drives totally fulfil all the user's wishes and requirements.

Electronics supports decentralised drive technology
To achieve high flexibility and short setup duration, woodworking machines are more and more equipped with decentralised drives. Individual motors adjusts formats, carriages and sensors to each required position. With their high reliability and robust yet affordable construction, brushless DC servo motors are ideal for this application. They gain special advantages through their integrated electronics and the spectrum of special functionalities achieved as a result. So these drives can cope with simple to extensive automation tasks. From electronic commutation, through speed control and positioning, up to a local, independently-controlled network, the integrated electronics can now take over diverse sub-sections of the drive automation, without having to access the processing power and memory capacity of higher-level drive amplifiers and controllers.   
Especially in woodworking machines, a number of drives repeatedly have to be moved to programmable positions. These include, for example, the transverse adjustment for sawing laths and boards. The same applies to the format adjustment on profile milling machines. In the past, the format adjustment was manually operated via adjusting wheels. Today's state-of-the-art systems are mostly decentralised drive concepts which receive the necessary positioning data from the higher-level PLC, via a bus system. In this case, the "recipe", or in other words, the description of the profile, including the travel data for the individual positioning drives needed for this profile, must be programmed and stored on the higher-level PLC.

Automating machine sub-sections independently with brushless DC servo drives
Dunkermotoren has now gone a step further with the master functionality (MI -Master Integrated) integrated in the BG series of compact drives. A compact drive with integrated master functionality - complemented by additional DC drives - makes it possible to set up an independent drive network, where the master drive takes over the function of the higher-level PLC. All the data for positioning the individual drives is stored in its electronics.  These can be up to eight BG series compact drives with different sizes and output power. The master drive has a flash memory, where all the data for the independent network is stored in the non-volatile memory. Sequence programmes are written in a deterministic high-level language and stored in the memory. The programming language uses standard objects in accordance with CIA DS302. Up to 500 command lines are available in the flash memory, for extensive motion and monitoring functions. A command line, in turn, can contain several functions. This way, even complex motion profiles can be realised within the independent master-slave drive network. A significant advantage of this local drive network is that it relieves the higher-level PLC of drive-specific control and monitoring tasks. Simply selecting a motion sequence stored in the master drive's flash memory is all it takes to initiate this sequence within the network. So these drive tasks are performed largely independently of the cycle times of the higher-level PLC. In many applications, this reduces the achievable cycle times. In addition, some time-critical applications can now be realised with a comparatively simple, affordable PLC, as the local independent network relieves the PLC of processing and monitoring tasks. The PLC is connected to the network via CANopen. Within the drive network, the individual drives also communicate via CANopen, in accordance with  hardware standard DSP402, which substantially minimises wiring costs. What's more, the higher-level controllers need less room in the central cabinet. Because of the simplified installation, machine manufacturers can build up and deliver their machines more flexibly and in shorter lead- times. The BG series DC servo motors, which function as slaves, also incorporate the electronics for data exchange, so ensuring fast and reliable data exchange within the local drive network. For example, dependent on the master drive, each slave drive independently positions carriages for format adjustment on profile milling machines. Depending on the input from the master drive, their integrated electronics independently control speeds, pre-configured acceleration and deceleration, and the positions to be approached. To achieve good positioning accuracy here, the control loops operate at up to 1024 pulses per revolution.   

The right output power for every function
Dunkermotoren always provides the right drive technology, perfectly matched to the different fields of application. Users can choose from a wide range, extending from 20 to 550 watts output power. So machine manufacturers can optimally design drives for the required tasks. DC drives with lower ratings are normally adequate for simple sliders. Where higher ratings are called for, and consequently where much more expensive AC servos have previously been used, the BG75 series brushless DC servomotors with drive ratings up to 550 watts can now be used. Added to this, Dunkermotoren offers a wide range of planetary and worm gearsboxes and brakes in a well-planned modular system. This way machine manufacturers - working together with Dunkermotoren's drive technicians - can always assemble optimally-designed drive configurations from standard modules within the shortest time and with minimum design effort. Dunkermotoren's specialist team supports the machine manufacturer in the implementation of specific programmes in the master/slave configurations for the designed local drive networks.  


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04/2008 Complete product line of brushless DC servo motors up to 500 Watt output power

With the servo motors BG45, BG65 and BG75, Dunkermotoren provides powerful and intelligent compact drives for customized drive solutions.
Essential feature of the product line is the integration of different logic and power electronics.
Electronically commutated DC motors now incorporate functions that were previously the preserve of AC servo-motors. This is demonstrated by the BG75 DC motors presented here by Dunkermotoren. With output powers up to 500 Watt and torques up to 5 Nm, they have sufficient reserves to take on numerous drive tasks in the industrial automation. Combined with components selected from a comprehensive package of equipment, such a motor becomes a fully-fledged, cost-effective and compact servo-drive.

One of the outstanding features of the BG75 range is that these motors are available with a variety of integrated electronic functions. The spectrum starts with regulation electronics in the SI version, which, besides speed control, also permits defined acceleration and braking operations. The next stage is the PI model. It provides convenient user software for setting the motor parameters for positioning, speed and torque. The CI variant features a DSP402 compliant CANopen interface. This enables modification of the significant parameters for a trajectory "on the fly".
In addition to the standardized CANopen interface, Dunkermotoren provides the forward-looking communication interface Profinet IRT, based on Ethernet. Other standards such as Profibus and Ethercat are available for projects.
The MI version represents the maximum available, and incorporates a freely-programmable motion controller. With it, a brushless DC- servo motor  can, independently, execute master-slave functions in a drive network. A particular advantage of these integrated control and power electronics is, on the one hand, that they reduce the amount of wiring and cost of installation, and, on the other, that they can take over control and regulation functions and so relieve a higher level PLC of the task of handling computation-intensive control algorithms.

A range of carefully adapted components ensures that the brushless DC-servo motors are a true alternative to servo-drives. These include a magnetic encoder, which provides at the BG45 4 x 256 impulses per revolution and at the BG75 4 x 1024 impulses per revolution. It is installed as standard in the PI, CI and MI version of this motor. Optionally, the absolute encoder AE50 can be fitted; it has a repeatability of 0.3°. With it, highly accurate positioning applications can be realised.

To achieve high torques and low speeds of rotation, there is a wide range of planetary and worm gears that fit the brushless DC- servo motors. By carefully selecting combinations from the comprehensive Dunkermotoren modular system, it is possible to achieve finely-graduated reduction ratios down to 1:30000. A special advantage of the planetary gears is their whole-number reduction ratios. They considerably simplify precision positioning applications in conjunction with a DC- servo motor with integrated encoder.
For the active braking of motions and power-on holding, there is a range of brakes, which, with their extruded-aluminium housings, fit the DC- servo motor BG75 perfectly. The E300 R brake achieves up to 3 Nm holding moment, and can thus cope with the full continuous torque of the motor. The advantage of the E90 R is that it can also be employed as a dynamic brake. Both versions are spring-operated, electrically-released brakes.
With these combinations of well-engineered, carefully adapted drive components, the brushless DC- servo motors with integrated electronics is a complete drive package. Users have at their finger tips an intelligent DC drive system for automation applications, which, in many cases, can readily replace conventional servo-drives and do so at lower cost.

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12/2007 Frost & Sullivan confers award "Vendor of the Year 2007" to Dunkermotoren

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11/2007 New globally co-ordinated logistics system

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07/2007 Siemens confers Innovation Award to Dunkermotoren

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11/2006 Complete drive package for sophisticated requirements

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10/2006 Great torques transmitted quietly

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09/2006 Integrated intelligence for a head start

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07/2006 PR: GR motors with 30% higher torque

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06/2006 Improved sales network in Switzerland

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03/2006 PR: New BLDC motor BG 75

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01/2006 PR: RoHS-/ WEEE-Conformity

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12/2005 PR: Parameter Setting Software inclusive

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11/2005 PR: Master integrated

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10/2005 PR: PMDC-Motor with Controller attached

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10/2005 PR: BG44SI - New functionalities

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06/2005 PR: New catalogues from Dunkermotoren

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02/2005 PR: Small duo with big power

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09/2004 PR: New general manager

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06/2004 PR: BG 65 - clean and smooth

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04/2004 PR: All-purpose through CANopen servo drive - BG65

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04/2004 PR: Powerful brakes for small DC motors

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04/2008 Closing the gap with power and intelligence

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